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Best 1 Mb Apps for Android

  1. Instadict (973k Mb Apps)Instadict

Instadict helps you to view a word’s meaning anywhere!

Just copy the phrase and shake your device horizontally to have its meaning. No need to interrupt your work.

It also supports full offline mode! Just download the proper dictionary on the link below and you are obviously all set! It is suggested you download them with an overall better experience.

Note – If you install these apps, you’ll be able to save your phone’s storage if you like this post, then share it and you’ll be able to tell much more about this type of app without delay. Be less.

  1. Via Browser (793k Mb Apps)

This browser is below 1 MB after we use the second browser, then it’s size is 20 or 25 or maybe more, its dimension is the specialty in this browser, in places you can useful data as well as in it Ad Block, Night mode, Computer mode, Translator, Pages and lots of other features will be in other browsers.

Here a few functions of Via browser

• Date saving

• Customize

• Ad block

• Privacy Protect

• Bookmarks

• Add-on

• Night-mode

• Computer – mode

• Translate

• Find in page

• Search engine switch

• Web page save

• Intelligence picture show

• Free to design your homepage

  1. Open In Whatupp (110k Mb Apps)

If you need to hit someone whose number will not be to save you or else you do not want just to save his number but if you would like to send a couple messages to him, then after inatallation, you need to select the country and enter his number and open it. It’s okay for getting it within the what up and you will message it.

  1. Shazam Lite (1 MB App)

It’s way less spectacular and a lot less than 1 MB. The thing relating to this app is actually you are enjoying a song and you should know about that song, is there a song or what song is taking place in your background So this app can tell you just to set it up and click on Liston just make sure can use this app as soon as your internet is on.

About Shazam

With one tap, Shazam connects one to the content and artists you adore, identifying music and even more that it is possible to instantly give friends – all without cost.

And that’s only the beginning: One-tap entry to video clips, song lyrics, related tracks and streaming services, where you could listen to your Shazams 100 % or find them.

*Song names will appear within your History every connection is restored.

  1. LockWatch (322k MB App)

This application is truly one of my Forever Apps as we discussed that the size in this app is under 1 MB once you open this app the idea asks for some permissions from you finding out.

The thing about it app is actually you put passwords on your phone and someone is wanting to open it, its photo is taken and it also gets shipped to your mail. This is a very secure application.

  1. Dock4Droid (1 MB App)

Dock4Droid could be the first Dock task manager to the Android platform. You can quickly access your running tasks everywhere you look you currently will be in your phone or tablet and launch new apps through the current screen. Icons are rendered in the wave-like parabolic view and effort is accessed by sliding your finger for the dock.


You may add custom launchers

supports also your chosen contacts

Dock4Droid is fully localized into Italian

  1. Simple Notepad (713k MB App)

As soon everbody knows it, it’s really a simple Notepad app which is simple and will give you a quick and fast experience. Apart from being easy, there are numerous features.


Send data to Google Cloud Print

Customizable font and background

Voice input

Word count

  1. Darker (Screen Filter) (1 MB App)

With this app, that can be done your work by surfing in dim light during the night. It is very helpful for your eyes, it assists to filter light of your smartphone.


Auto-On & Auto-Off

Lower brightness below 20%

Customizable notification buttons

Buttons to line a specific brightness

Up to 3 buttons might be added for urgent access.

  1. Photoczip Lite Compress Image (459k MB App)

Photo Clip Light With this app you’ll be able to compress your documents or photos and resize and zip from it too. We use it reasonably easy before sending or sharing through email, Twitter, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.


Support JPG/PNG compress and resize

Zip all image together

Share photos easily

No advertisement, Absolutely Free

Tiny app size


  1. Choose Image from Gallery
  2. Choose “Compress”
  3. Done.
  4. Gallery ( 851k MB App)

Listening to the telltale names, you could possibly feel a lttle bit weird but as well as awesome plus the work app Gallery App raises images from mobile of storage space and SD card. Show all images in managed image Instant access, edit the look with the same app.

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