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Methods of Foundation Repair

Your home or building is possibly one of the most expensive investments that you have. In this case, guarding it should be your priority. You can protect your home by inspect it from time to time to ensure that no major destruction occurs to it. if you suspect an issue with the foundation, it is vital that you look for a solution to that. When the foundation of a building is not strong enough, it may cause damage to the house and also be a threat to the human beings living inside. The common cause of foundation damage is water. If the soil is filled with moisture, the foundation will begin to be shaky. Damage may also happen if the drainage system in the area is poor. The foundation in this case will tend to soak in the water. Calamities like earthquakes may also cause foundation damage.

There are many signs that will tell you when the foundation is damaged. Some of these alerts may include cracked bricks. When the bricks have cracks, it is time to repair your foundation. Observe any signs of cracked walls, uneven floors, bulging floors, windows and doors that are not aligned, and cracked foundation. When foundation damage occurs, all is not lost. This is because it can be repaired. You will only need to look for a foundation repair service that will mend and your home can go back to being a safe haven for you and your family.

There is a various option that you can take when you are repairing your foundation. In this case, you can choose the best based on your needs. However, there are some aspects that will determine the kind of repair that you receive. They may include the site conditions, the region that you are in, and the cost of repair among other factors. Below are some of the common types of foundation repair.

One of the common types is slab jacking. This is a method of repairing concrete whereby the sunken pieces of the slab are lifted by pumping some matter through the concrete. This will lift the sab effectively. The commonly used substance is polyurethane. Holes are made through the concrete and the space left is filled with the substance. The method is mostly used because it saves cost, lasts longer and it creates beauty.

Steel piers are another method of foundation repair. This involves the driving piling of steel pipes so that it can repair the settlement of the foundation. This method is mostly used where the structure is going in a downward motion. To correct elevation and lift the foundation, the hydraulic lifting system is used along steel piers method.

Another common method is the high-density polyurethane foam. This is a simple method to be used when you are mending the slabs. The foam is channeled into a checkerboard grid to the area that is affected. This will end up mending cracks. Another method includes Helical tieback anchors which is used when the walls are bowing or leaning where anchors are attached to the interior portion of the wall.

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